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Consultation on Teaching, Learning, Disadvantage

  • School Survey-Conducting tests in school

  • work of a sample household at the research site

  • work by a mother in a sample household

  • The Fields

  • The field

  • Students during School Survey

  • Respondent with children in household survey

  • Respondent with children during Household survey

  • Researchers sitting with an old man

  • Researchers playing with children

  • Researcher with children in a school during School survey

  • Researcher with children in a sample village

  • Researcher conducting tests with children during household survey

  • Researcher conducting tests in school

  • Researcher at the field

  • Kilns at the research site

  • Household survey training workshop

  • Hearing Aid Donation1

  • Hearing Aid Donation

  • Fields

  • Children working on the field

  • Children with the field's produce

  • Children watching researchers work

  • Children posing fo rresearcher

  • Children playing with a researcher

  • Children of a sample household

  • Children of a sample household

  • Children in a sample household

  • Children during survey

  • Children during Mid-day meal

  • Children during Household Survey

  • Children during household survey

  • Children doing tests during School survey

  • Children at work in a sample village

  • Children at a sample household

  • Child smiling for us

  • Child presenting his creation to the researchers during School survey

  • child doing tests in household survey

  • Child during field work

  • Child during field work

  • Children during field work

  • A sample household

  • A place to sit at

  • A man smoking the pipe

  • A man returning from work

  • A household

  • A classroom during School survey

  • A child trying to ride

  • A child posing with his grandfather

  • A child posing outside his house

  • A child during research

  • A canal in the field

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