Improving data systems

Improving data systems for effective inclusion of CWDs :

Improving data systems for effective inclusion of CWDs: examining collection, compilation, analysis, quality and use of data on CWDs at state and national level

CORD is undertaking research on the thematic area of improving data systems as part of the project 'Promoting the Rights of Disabled Children to Quality Education' under the UN Partnership to Promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD).

The study is one among five thematic studies funded by UNESCO. The others include: a critical analysis of national and state level schemes supporting inclusive education for children with disability (IED); a review of the implementation for the Right to Education Act from the perspective of IED;an assessment of accessibility of classrooms; and a critical review of the policies and practices around human resources for effective IED.

The study will be based on analysis of secondary data and documents, and on case studies based on primary and secondary data and aim to:

  • Develop an inventory of all available sources of data on CWDs, outlining the different definitions used, the various processes of data collection and compiling used, and the levels of disaggregation.
  • Document the current system of using data for planning and monitoring, and highlight factors which facilitate the effective use of the data.
  • Analyse the possible impact of using the different definitions (including definition of PWDs inclining with the Washington Group on Disability Statistics), methodologies, data collection tools, and disaggregation of CWDs on the use of data for planning and monitoring.
  • Suggest actions to improve the data collection process, and the use of the data for planning and monitoring. This will include contributing to a data collection tool for future use.
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