Role of MGNREGA as a safety net in post COVID times

The research is part of a larger project conducted bySamaj PragatiSahayog (SPS), Dewas and members of the MGNREGA Consortium. It involves secondary data analysis and primary data collection in a number of states in which CSO partners of the Consortium have been working. The key research question is how well did MGNREGA performits role as a safety net during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this study, CORD is collaborating with Dr Amit Basole and Dr Rajendran Narayanan of Azim Premji University, Bengaluru. The duration of this study is March – December 2021.

This project has been concluded and research findings are being disseminated.

Employment guarantee during Covid-19: Role of MGNREGA in the year after the 2020 lockdown.Survey findings from Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

As the Covid-19 pandemic fades from media headlines and perhaps even public consciousness, it is important to ensure that lessons learned are not forgotten. India’s social protection systems were put to a gruelling test during the two years of the pandemic. We gained valuable insights into what worked and what did not. Two programmes stand out in the role they played protecting vulnerable households from the worst of the pandemic’s effects.

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