Baseline Survey of Elementary Education in Bihar and UP

The RTE Act of 2009 can play a vital role in helping India’s children achieve their fundamental right to education of quality. However, much needs to be done to ensure that it does work effectively. It is beneficial to have a baseline study in all states based on a sample survey of schools conducted by independent organisations. This study proposes such a survey in UP and Bihar. It is commissioned by NCPCR.

The findings of the study will give a comprehensive picture of the state of elementary education and the degree of compliance with RTE requirements in Bihar and UP in 2011, two years after the RTE has been notified. It will provide an independent assessment of the existing gaps in the system. Indicators will also be developed to facilitate comparisons within the states, and between the states, at this point of time. In this way the study will provide inputs into a blueprint for action for the Commission and other concerned parties. The tools used in the study, the subsequent plan for data analysis, and the indicators developed can be used to assess the situation in other states across the country.

Such a baseline survey can be a useful monitoring tool and weaknesses in implementation can be identified and addressed.

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