Improving Data Systems

Process documentation of IFIG's School and Teacher Education Initiative in Rajasthan.

CORD is documenting this education reform initiative of the foundation whereby IFIG is partnering the government of Rajasthan towards improving certain aspects of teacher education and making 50 schools RTE compliant. While many PPPs are focused on school level interventions, the present collaboration between IFIG and the Government of Rajasthan is planned with a more macro perspective and on a larger scale influencing processes and attitudes at different levels – from the state, to the districts, to the blocks, and the schools.

The Foundation wishes to undertake a perceptive documentation of the processes of change being undertaken in this public – private collaboration in the state of Rajasthan. The information and findings will be used to support reflection and learning and will be shared with educators, departmental heads and stakeholders, ICICI officials, and policy makers to help them understand the direction, progress and working of the project. The findings will also add to the ongoing discourse on the management of complex partnerships – in the private-public domain as well as strategic implementation.

The objectives of the documentation:
  • Textbook development
  • In service training
  • Pre service training
  • On site academic support for teachers
  • Capacity building of government staff at state, district and block levels
  • Activities taken towards RTE compliance in schools including setting up of SMCs
To document the ongoing processes in these areas in the following locations
  • Three districts – Baran, Churu and Jaipur
  • State education department in Jaipur/SIERT in Udaipur
To identify and monitor parameters which reflect process outcomes
  • Identify process indicators which will reflect the PPP collaboration process
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